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True Education Foundation Series

True Education Foundation Series

This trio of books will revolutionize your understanding of education, and quite possibly change your life.

A homeschooling mother of 2 girls said, “It wasn’t until I read these books that my understanding was opened as to what is education… true education.”

Why not get a discount and purchase all three together!


If you think education only applies to teachers and young people, think again. This incredible book clearly sets forth the great and timeless principles of true education – principles that apply to any individual of any age and any culture. Read and applied, this book can change your life.

“This book provides the reader with an identity, a mission and a calling.” – a father and teacher

“Highly recommend!” – a mother

“This book was the means of my conversion.” – a father


Studies in Christian Education

Taken from a series of lectures given by E.A. Sutherland, this book sets forth in no uncertain terms the importance of following true education in the last days. We would do well to heed its counsel.

“[Studies in Christian Education] changed my whole understanding of education!“ – a mother


Living Fountains or Broken Cisterns

In this incredible book, Dr. E. A. Sutherland has traced an epic battle – a battle between true and false education – from the dawn of time, showing the impact it has had on the church, the reformation, and even the rise and fall of nations.

“Opened my eyes. The angels’ warfare and judgment is over, our judgment has just begun.” – a young lady

“This is The Great Controversy from a completely new perspective!” – a young man
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